Science kit Grade VII

Science kit Grade VII

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Science Kit Grade VII consist of 10 different type of models:

  1. Tornado
  2. Bio battery
  3. Steam boat
  4. Motion setup
  5. Electromagnet making
  6. Soda rocket
  7. Image transfer
  8. Pin hole camera
  9. Basic electrical circuit
  10. Magnetic levitation
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Sl no. Activity Description Concept
1 Tornado Spinning the bottle in this circular motion creates a tornado How tornado forms .
2 Bio battery To make a battery from glucose Chemical energy is used to store .
3 Steam boat Steam is used to raw a boat Steam is used to move a boat
4 Motion setup Types of motion . How they follow Newrton's law Newton's law of motion.
5 Electromagnet making Magnet making using electricity Electric induction
6 Soda rocket A rocket is launched by baking soda Chemical energy into mechanical energy
7 Image transfer Image is transfer using Light Light reflecting on a mirror
8 Pin hole camera How image form and light travell in straight line Light travels in a straight line
9 Basic electrical circuit Electrical Circuit at our homes Current always flow in a close path
10 Magnetic levitation  process of lifting or floating objects in the air Magnetic repulsion property to lift heavy objects

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