Science Kit Grade IV

Science Kit Grade IV

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Science Kit Grade IV consist of 10 different type of models:

  1. Balloon Air Boat
  2. Balloon Air Car
  3. Digestive System
  4. Eclipse Model
  5. Glider
  6. Respiratory System
  7. Rubber Band Car
  8. Steam Boat
  9. Square Parachute
  10. Wind Mill Generator
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Sl no. Activity Description Concept
1 Balloon air boar Flow of boat with the help of air in balloon How air and water pressure work together
2 Balloon air car Flow of car with the help of air in balloon Air pressure in mechenical and kinetic energy
3 Digestive system Arranging organs of dfigestive system About organs of digestive system
4 Eclipse model Simple model to understand the phenomenan of eclipse How lunar eclipse and solar eclipse occur
5 Glider working of glider Conversion of potential energy into mechanical energy
6 Respiratory system Model to form respiratary system  Inhaling and exhaling in respiratory system
7 Rubber band car Rubber band is help to move a car Elastic potential energy is converted to mechenical energy
8 Skim boat Boats used for surffing moves with the help of wind direction Wind is used for sailing the boat
9 Square parachute Flying of parachute with the help of air drag Results of air drag
10 Wind mill generator generation of electricity with the help wind energy Wind energy is converted into electrical energy

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