Science Kit Grade V

Science Kit Grade V

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Science Kit Grade V consist of 10 different type of models:

  1. Catapult
  2. Diet food
  3. Farming
  4. First aid
  5. Gandhi wheel 
  6. Jcb
  7. Pully setup
  8. Skeleton puzzle
  9. Water filteration
  10. Water hydraulic car
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Sl no. Activity Description Concept
1 Catapult It is a model which use stored energy to launch a projectile Projection of parabolic path
2 Diet food Types of different nutrional food we eat How having a good diet
3 Farming It's a concept of science of cultivation of land and breeding of animals Learning about cultivation and livestock
4 First aid Using of common items of first aid kit How to use first aid kit
5 Gandhi wheel Rotation of wheel helps in the reduction of friction Used of wheel and  axle
6 Jcb Water pitols and cranes used the power of moving water  Principle of hydraulics
7 Pully setup One or more wheels over which you loop rope to lift things Wheels help in lifting objects
8 Skeleton puzzle Arranging of Different bones of human body Different bones in human body
9 Water filteration Importance of water purification and how it is done Process of water purification
10 Water hydraulic car Pressure exerted by both the cylinders Hydraulic Principle

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