Seamless 'Support', based on the best practices prevalent in the industry, is one of the pillars that ABL Education has cemented its business on! What with these practices having evolved over a decade of the company's existence and the scale of operations having grown manifolds, support provided could not have been more effective and customer-friendly.

ABL strongly believes in ensuring total confidence and comfort on the part of our partners while going about their businesses. It is imperative that our partners feel being in the best of hands, well backed-up and supported at all times!

Support in terms of cutting edge technologies in use, in-house innovations, right 'value for money' offerings, healthy production targets, streamlined logistics, well-defined maintenance policies backed by on-the-ground actions!

Our 'Warranty' policy enunciates:

  • All the 'Electronic' parts in ABL Manufactured Kits under DIY Robotics and DIY Tinkering are covered under 6 months 'carry-in' warranty
  • Telephonic review of the issue(s) followed by proof of shipment of the defective part(s) is all that is required to effect the dispatch of replacement(s) from our end
  • Physical damages/ breakage or/ and damages to our products caused by liquid(s) spillage are NOT covered under warranty
  • All plastic and sheet metal parts/ components are NOT covered under warranty
  • Defective part(s) shipment charges to be borne by the customer while ABL taking care of the shipment of the replacement(s)
  • Motors of all types - DC, BO DC, MechanzO, Servos & Steppers are warranted against any manufacturing defect. Any damages/ performance degradation caused due to improper handling, exposure to power/ signal, connections are NOT covered under warranty
  • Software products warranty includes free-of-cost availability of all updates and minor upgrades, any major upgrade, however, shall attract additional costs


ABL offers AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of the out-of-warranty products at appropriate rates as applicable, which entails support terms on the lines of the warranty period, albeit, annualized and available at a cost!


Phone: +91-9211786061 follow IVR & dial desired extension for Technical support.