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Why partner with us?

ABL Education LLP is a pioneer in the field of Experiential Learning enablement for science students studying in schools as well as those doing their graduation.

Experiential Learning is all about activity based learning, i.e. learning by way of doing - applying the concepts being taught in the classrooms and consolidating one's understanding of the same.

Experiential Learning is all about thinking on the lines of how things around us work, how to trouble-shoot problems, how to automate tasks, activities and processes! Scope could be functionally local as well as remote, reach-wise local and global! Possibilities are immense!

The students are moulded in such a way that they get into logical, analytical thinking very early! The natural ramification being that these students are rendered far more relevant and ready for the industry as and when the stage comes!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) Education is 'the' delivery mechanism of Experiential Learning for school going students, beginning early in their educational journeys and moving along with them all the way up to graduation levels!

STEM curricula is in line with the major boards of education around the world, enabling the students with the right course content and setup to apply themselves, using cutting-edge technologies and products and some coding to go along, on the theory they get to learn in the classrooms.

STEM Education has caught on like fire around the world with US, Europe and Australia taking to it almost totally!

The major open-source ecosystems which are being used as STEM enablers are the Arduino, and also R Pi to some extent!

ABL has an early bird advantage in India, given the in-house designed products - kits & components, number of programs conducted pan-India, number of institutions under their belt, number of end-students who have gained hugely by using our offerings and the hardware roll-outs that have taken place across the length and breadth of the country!

ABL has been recognized at the highest levels and funded by the state for its stellar achievements!

You get to partner a visionary company & its team which has the larger benefit of society in mind when endeavoring to expand its business and operations!

You stand to work on real cutting-edge technologies and products that keep evolving and upgrading with time!

India being at a very nascent stage of embracing Experiential Learning and with the government of the day laying so much emphasis on the same, this is the right time to get into this line of business! There are hundreds of thousands of schools & colleges to be tapped and activity based learning taken to their doorsteps!

Lastly given the product portfolio (offerings) that we carry, there is something to offer to every single prospective institution one approaches - additionally, all sorts of mixes and matches can be resorted to build up something altogether custom and tailor-made for your prospect!

With our established production, logistics and support practices in place, you as a partner will have all the confidence to go out & sell.

What we are looking for in you is an EDUPRENEUR who also carries the same business ethos as we do as well as has the good of the society at heart & mind while furthering his/ her business!

You should be technologically updated, with clear appreciation of adoption of the same to build educational aids that help students apply themselves well and better their understanding!

If you have it in you our doors are open for you to simply walk in and make this lifetime of an opportunity yours!

Write at and mention you want to partner with us & what you can achieve through us.