Loyalty Points Policy

ABL Education likes to reward its customers by way of keeping them abreast of others in terms of the products we offer, hardware and software, with a whole lot ongoing in-house design and upgrades/improvements taking place at our end as well as reward them commercially!

ABL has a pretty enviable record of bringing out in-house designed products with the sole objective of rendering our product line easier and simpler to work with! It is our continual endeavor in ensuring the ease and simplicity of use of our offerings!

The commercial gains that our customers stand to attain are with our Loyalty Points Programme (LPP) which keeps changing from time to time based on various factors viz. demand, time of the year, developments at our end..!

At present, a 1:10 reward program is on the floor where-in our valued customers stand to gain 1 point for each spent of Rs. 10 purchase as the 'LPs' with a 1:1 correspondence to the 'monetary value' earned, i.e. 100 LPs = Rs. 100! e.g. for a Rs. 5000 kit

purchase you will get 500 points.

The LPs accumulated are over & above the discount which is applicable using discount coupons.

These LPs can be used in your next order. Maximum of 5% of next order value worth LPs can be used at one time.

There is no expiry period for LPs accumulated in your account throughout your shopping.

Note: Changes in our LPP can be changed and will be announced on ABLkart.com as and when changes take place.

Happy Shopping!