Science Kit grade VIII

Science Kit grade VIII

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Science Kit Grade VIII consist of 10 different type of models:-

  1. Scuba driver
  2. Air cannon
  3. Sound in different medium
  4. Conductivity
  5. Electroplating
  6. Electrolysis
  7. Image transfer using laser
  8. Pressure gauge
  9. Kaleidoscope
  10. Periscope
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Sl. no. Activity Description Concept
1 Scuba Driver Water pressure is greater than air pressure Boyle’s Law  
2 Air cannon Shooting a air cnnon ball  Sounds depends on preperties of matter
3 Sound in different medium Sound waves move through each of the mediums by vibrating  the molecules in the matter Sound needs a medium to travel
4 Conductivity water conduct electricity ionic conduction
5 Electroplating To protect the surface of a substance electric current to reduce dissolved metal 
6 Electrolysis A process in which water molecules are broken Splitting of water molecules
7 Image transfer using laser Image is transfer with the help of laser Light can be used for data transmission
8 Pressure gauge Instrument used to measure pressure fluid intensity measurement device
9 Kaleidoscope More than 2 mirrors were used to reflect principle of multiple reflection
10 Periscope Uses of periscope Reflection at a particular angle

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