Science kit Grade VI

Science kit Grade VI

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Science Kit Grade VI consist of 10 different type of models:

  1. Food test
  2. Measiuring Kit
  3. Spinning wheels
  4. Weaving machine
  5. Sorting the material
  6. Water filter
  7. Reversible reaction
  8. Ball and socket joint
  9. Propeller car
  10. Magnetic compass
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Sl no. Activity Description Concept
1 Food Test check that a food is safe  Food quality
2 Measuring Kit measurement of different surfaces and objects using different tools How to measure different surfaces
3 Spinning wheels Used for matting and sewing any clothes  Wheels mechanism
4 Weaving machine Weaving machine weave wool and form woolens cloths Weaving mechanism
5 SORTING THE MATERIALS Different types of materials have different properties Properties of materials
6 Water filter Importance of water purification and how it is done Process of water purification
7 Reversible reaction Reactants to product and Product to reactants  Chemical reversible reaction
8 Ball and socket joint model for the understanding working of joints  Joints working
9 Propeller car Wind energy or thrust produse by a propeller is used to drive a car How rotational energy of propellers used for moving a car
10 Magnetic compass compass is made from a magnet Magnet can be used as a compass

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