Science Kit Grade III

Science Kit Grade III

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Science Kit Grade III consist of 10 different type of models:-

  1. Day After Night
  2. Floating Night
  3. Hydrological Cycle
  4. Organ System
  5. Samples of Soil
  6. Sensor Car
  7. Soil Layer
  8. Thirsty Birds
  9. Through Fire Glider
  10. Umbrella Parachute
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Sl no. Activity Description Concept
1 Day after night Occuring of day and night model 24 hours , day and night
2 Floating magnet Magnet is floating in a column Magnetic repulsion
3 Hydrological cycle Cycle of water in our environent Learning of Cloud formaton, rain and vapourisation
4 Organ system What our body sytem does Working of body organs
5 Sample of soil Classifying different soils Learning types of soil
6 Sensor car A car behaves as a sensor car with the help of magnet Magnetic attarcttion and repulsion
7 Soil layers soil have different types of layers Layers of soils
8 Thirsty birds A game for searching birds beaks Types of birds and there beaks
9 Through fire glider Glider flies when mechanicaL converts into kinetic energy conversion of enegy
10 Umbrella parachute Flying of parachute with the help of air drag Results of air drag

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