Science Kit Grade II

Science Kit Grade II

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Science Kit Grade II consist of 10 different type of models:

  1. Aiming Your Target
  2. Animal Game
  3. Balance of Magnet
  4. Flapping Wings
  5. Food Chain
  6. Hanging Butterfly
  7. Lever Mechanism
  8. Megnetic See Saw
  9. Ping-Pong 2
  10. Plant Puzzle
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Sl no. Activity Description Concept
1 Aiming your target Aim your target Parabollic projection
2 Animal game Animals around us Scientific terms about some animals
3 Balance of magnet To balance magnet with the help of other animals Working of magnetic poles
4 Flapping wings Movements of wings How birds fly
5 Food chain Eating habbits of animals Energy flow
6 Hanging butterfly Mangnet is used to fly a butterfly  Holding power of a manget
7 Lever mechanism Working of gears Gears concept
8 Magnetic see saw Making of see saw with the help of magnet Magnetic repulsion
9 Ping pond 2 Making a fun game for security Making a broken connection
10 Plant puzzle Arranging plant parts Learning of plant parts

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